Kiwi 2

13.25/Tri/Lightly Broken       BAER/CERF/PLL/SCA/DM normal               12/10/2009  

'Kiwi' is everything I could have hoped for and more when I planed Sadie's final litter. She is as close to our personal ideal as we have produced thus far. She is a multiple champion in the conformation ring where her outstanding bone, elegant yet powerful structure, and fantastic movement, are showcased. She is, however, not just another pretty face. Kiwi boasts as many racing and performance championships as she has conformation titles. Her drive, athletic ability, and determination are the very characteristics that drew me to her as a young puppy and what make her such an outstanding all-around terrier. It was her personality though that just made me fall head-over-heels in love with this little girl. Her self assured confidence makes Kiwi an incredibly "showy" terrier and ensures she is never overlooked whether she is walking into the show ring or someone's living room. She loves everyone she meets is simply a happy terrier who is very easy to live with. Can you tell I'm "just a little" in love with her?

Kiwi JRTCA Loot

JRTCA and JRTCC  National Over Puppy Racing Champion

JRTCC National Best Canadian Bred Puppy

Multiple Open Terrier Champion

FDGCh in Flyball (30,000 pts)


Sire: Conquest Jock

Conquest Jock

Dam: Cairnbrae Inspiration 

Sadie PS edit